May 19, 2009

3 Kings

   There are at this point at least 3 people that read my blog. That's pretty good in my book. One of them is my wife Stephanie.
   So, I thought I should briefly comment on the picture at the top of my page. What you are looking at is called The Three Kings. It is just outside Goblin Valley, Utah. Goblin Valley is famous for the rock formations found there. Galaxy Quest was filmed in part in Goblin Valley. It's a pretty fun place to visit because, unlike many parks, you can actually walk around and touch the rock formations.
   I think this picture really illustrates how I feel a lot of the time. Of the 3 formations the taller one seems to be slightly apart from the other 2. I imagine that this one is standing there telling the other 2 important things. These things are so important that they are the only 2 people willing to listen.