November 11, 2009

The New Job

   I started a new job about 2 weeks ago. So far so good. That is to say I like the job and the people I work with.
   I realize this is kind of a change from the normal posting for me. I normally wouldn't post anything that seems like a journal entry. However, I consider this news for people who may like news.
   One of the main things that I have noticed in the last 2 weeks is that now that I have a job I feel like writing. For the last year it has been my goal to write stories. However, I found out that one of my shortcomings in the area of writing is that I have a hard time separating my real world issues from it. Basically what I mean is that once I was able to see we were heading down a path of financial suffering I began to stress about money far too much. It kind of consumed my thoughts and I was almost unable to write anything at all. I did continue to write but the progress was slow.
   Right now I have 2 stories that have been started and I would now like to finish one of them and get it ready for submission to a science fiction magazine. Finding the time is a little bit difficult though. I have limited time at home and it is often very busy so when it isn't busy I want to play or just rest. So, finishing anything is going to be a challenge.
   I am encouraged by the fact that my mind, which is now clear of the previous financial stresses, is gearing up to write stories. I will just have to find a way to balance my time so that I may.