June 9, 2011


   Once again the wife and I are moving. This seems to have become a fairly regular event in our lives. I am fully tired of it at this point in my life but sometimes you just have to do this stuff.
   In all my years I have rarely lived in any single place for very long. I think the record at this point is still 6 years, my first 6 years. My father still lives in the home I was born into. But for various reasons I was only there for 6 years. From that point on I have moved more or less every 2 years. There were a couple of places I have lived for 3 or 5 years but for the most part 2 years is it.
   Even since I have been married, about 8 years now and we are on our 7th place. But to be fair 2 of those 7 were parents homes and the latest one was always meant to be temporary.
   We moved into our current apartment in hopes that one of the complex's townhouse style rentals would come available. One did and now we are moving into that, less than 1 year from when we moved into our current apartment.
   We had one previous opportunity to move into a townhouse already and we passed it up. It was in the middle of the winter and we were a bit low on funds. So when another one opened up we decided that we just could not pass it up, even with the increase in rent.
   So, why post about something so boring? Simple. We want to have room for company. We have lived in Anaheim, CA for almost 3 years now and have for the most part had company here and there. The last 6 months have seen a rather large rise in visitors and our little place is just a bit crowded when they come. So, if you are thinking about coming to visit let me know. Just give us 2 weeks or so to get into our new place, unless you want to help us move. That would be great.