August 23, 2011


   When I started this blog I intended to maintain an average posting of once per month. I have up until now maintained that average. At this time I doubt I will be able to maintain that average as I am currently working on rewriting a script I wrote as a novel (I had to check but I think ultimately it will classify as a novel).
   I intend to self publish through and Barnes and Noble through their Kindle and Nook books respectively. This project has become fairly important to me over the last year.
   I intended to shop out the script in Hollywood. After some time of having the script sit on my nightstand I began to feel a bit glum about my prospects. Over time I handed copies of the script to a few individuals (probably about 40% of my blog readers as of today). The main feedback I get over and over is that everyone seems to want to see and understand what is going on. In script form there is little allowance for first drafts to include much other than dialog and basic descriptions.
   Eventually I read a Nook Book called Demon Girl. It was a free book on Nook. I read the entire thing on my Android phone. I was impressed and started looking into this new form of self publication. It turns out it is rather easy, thanks to the Internet, to completely bypass traditional publishing houses.
   The last person who read my script said one thing that really helped me make up my mind. She told me that she would really like to understand the back story and the thoughts of the characters I wrote. I realized at that time that since I have as of now no connections in Hollywood that I might as well go the direction of the novel. At the very least there might be even a handful of people that could enjoy my story. As of now it only gets read when I ask someone to. And then they often miss out on some of the stuff that exists solely in my head.
   So, for the next few months I plan on focusing on writing my first draft. That means I won't be posting much on my blog. However, I do plan on posting updates about my progress. I don't know if these will be monthly or just periodic. We'll just have to see.
   I have a number of blog posts in the works. I have some rough drafts saved for later.
   In the meantime start telling your friends. Get the word out. You can expect to see my first novel out sometime next year. It will be tentatively titled Zero:(Something). I have copyrights to the title Zero:Rising. I may reuse that but since the novel is going to follow a slightly different storyline than the script I may rename it. Anyway, wish me luck and please read my story when it's done. I am only doing it in the hopes that someone somewhere will enjoy it and hopefully find that it enriches their lives.