November 15, 2014

A Book

   So, I've been pretty terrible about updating this blog. The last year or two has been pretty heavily dedicated to two things.
   First, I've been working at EMC and it's been quite the uphill climb to get the knowledge of the products I support. Some of the deepest learning I've ever had. So, normally I just come home exhausted.
   Second, I've been writing, if not on the blog. I finally got my first book up on Amazon. It's been a lot of work to get it done. But worth every agonizing moment I think.
   I've also been working on the follow up to this book. It's still pretty early in the works but it's making progress.
   And,, oddly enough, I've launched, with the help of my friend and co-writer Jamison Meurer, a side story as well.
   Eventually the single story above will be a fully fleshed out universe that I and Jamison both hope you will be interested in.
   Thanks for reading.